Why Not Send The Kids To Cowboy Camp?

If you’re interested in teaching your kids responsibility, courage, and the rewards of taking care of the animals they love, Cowboy Camp may be the right summer camp option for your family. More than just a way to keep active and out of the house while school is out, Cowboy Camp gives young people a firsthand experience of the western, rancher lifestyle, which includes exciting activities like riding, as well as not so thrilling duties of taking care of the horses, maintaining stables, and learning that cowboy life isn’t for faint of heart.

Cowboy Camp gives kids taste of ranch life | The Courier-Journal

Image Source: The Courier-Journal

Image Source: The Courier-Journal

Taylor was one of nine kids, ages six through 13, who cleaned stalls, groomed horses and saddled up for the Cowboy Camp, a week designed to teach young kids what it’s like living on a horse ranch. ‘The responsibilities that go along with having a 1,000-pound animal are they don’t know it’s Christmas morning, and the horses always come first, because they’re depending on you,’ Jason Cornett, Ranch owner, said.

Do you think something like Cowboy Camp and ranching activities should be open to more kids? If you grew up around horses and other animals, do you think it played an important role in your sense of responsibility?  Do or would you send your kids to a program like this? Tell us your thoughts on this story in the comments.