Why Are Cowboy Boots A Fashion Faux Pas Across The Pond?

In most parts of the United States, cowboy boots are worn by both men and women without much question or scrutiny. Lots of people love the look, feel, and function they deliver. And in the fashion world, they’ve become even a bit mainstream. In Britain however, cowboy boots are not thought of as typical daily men’s wear. In the UK, walking the streets in a pair of calf-high cowboy boots may earn you some stares, disapproving looks, and perhaps even a snicker from the locals. But should that really be the case? Some fashion conscious folks on the other side of the Atlantic argue that it’s high time the cowboy boot be welcome as the common man’s footwear.

Can a man ever get away with wearing cowboy boots? | The Telegraph


Image Source: The Telegraph

“But just what is it that we find so fundamentally wrong and offensive about the male-heel? These shoes are not open-toed. They’re not stilettos. They’re boots. Boots that were adopted and worn by the most rugged cattlemen and cowpunchers this world has ever seen. If the young metropolitan male can adopt the bearded lumberjack look en masse, why not the cowboy? […] What sort of a man do you need to be to get away with wearing cowboy boots? Come autumn, hopefully just an Average Joe. It’s high time they made a comeback, and all we have to do now is wait for a few brave pioneers to reboot the boots and bring them back into the mainstream.”

Are you surprised to learn that folks in Britain haven’t yet warmed up to country western fashion quite as readily as American youth? Do you think that will soon change? Have you ever worn your cowboy boots to a new place and gotten an unexpected reaction? Tell us about it in the comments.