What Cowboy Hats Reveal About You

If you wear your cowboy hat a certain way, does it reveal something about your profession or personality? That’s what one vendor at Houston Rodeo says. While the materials, color, style and quality often determine the price and can say a lot about the tastes of the wearer, the structure and shaping of a cowboy hat means something else.

‘Hats are a lifestyle’ | The Houston Chronicle

There are about 100 different ways to crease just the top of a hat, he said. The cattleman’s style is the most popular, he said, but there’s also the brick – a square top – and the Gus, ‘like Lonesome Dove.’ Then there’s the curl of the brim – how much, at what angle and where around the circumference. Show horse riders, he said, typically like their hats high and tight on the sides. For those who ride the cutting courses wear them, ‘a little higher on the sides and squared off in the front,’ Bishop said. ‘We style them for each individual.”

Do you wear your cowboy hat with a very specific curl to the brim or overall shape? Did you know that such detail says something about how and what a rider rides?