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If there’s one thing that easily describes western style, it’s the cowboy hat. Also referred to as western hats, we offer wide-brimmed and high-crowned hats which clearly represent country-western style. Our western hats come in various designs and are made from different materials. We offer faux felt hats, suede and leather hats, and wool cowboy hats in adult and kids sizes.

Our cowboy hats for men are available in traditional white, black and brown, while our western hats for women come in traditional and standard colors as well as other colors like pink, off-white, red, and purple. We accessorize our western cowboy hats with elastic or cavalry bands, tie tack assortments, leather hatbands – plain or studded with metals or conchos, and stampede strings, all giving them their unique style and look.

Western Hats

Our high quality cowboy hats are made from high-grade leather, straw, faux felt, suede and wool materials. Our trendy western hat designs have become an essential accent to a cowboy’s or cowgirl’s outfit. Through our partner retailers, our western apparel and clothing can be shipped to nearly all places in the country.

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Our cowboy/cowgirl hats appeal to the high tastes and preference of men ranch workers to country singers. Our western cowboy hats are designed to suit the tastes of men, women and kids who fancy clothing and style that resemble the old west.  We offer wholesale western accessories to long-time and loyal in-state retailers as well as out-of-state western clothing retail outlets.

Our quality line of products range from western hats for men and women and accessories, belts and belt buckles, wholesale western clothing and accessories, holsters and gun belts, bolo ties and western shirts for men and women.   Some of these products are also offered in kids sizes.

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We have been servicing the industry for more than 30 years. Our creative designers and seasoned craftsmen provide quality products that are unrivaled in the industry.

Not only do we offer high quality western-styled products such as western cowboy hats and accessories, western belts and buckles, and many more, but we offer them at reasonable wholesale prices. In terms of quality, cost, durability, style, and design of our various western products, Western Express, Inc. maintains its leading position in the industry.

We have a long list of satisfied clients who have remained loyal to us throughout the years, trusting us with their specific product requirements. Our western cowboy products have carried a quality trademark throughout the years that is distinctly known as Western Express.

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After browsing through our extensive product catalog, you may select specific western cowboy hats along with other western products and use our website’s contact us page to send an RFQ. To speak to our knowledgeable and courteous customer service specialist, you can call our 800 number with an inquiry.

Our well-trained sales personnel have a deep knowledge and understanding of the many western products we offer in the market and they are ready to provide you with the information you need relating to our western-styled products.

Cowboy Hat

More About The Basic Functions Of Western Hats
We often see western movie hats worn by some Hollywood actors playing cowboy and cowgirl roles in western-themed movies. Who can forget John Wayne in the film version of Comancheros, or Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, or Jamie Fox in the more recent film, Django Unchained? They all wore the good ol’ cowboy hats associated with the Old West.

But did you know that aside from mere representation of an era and place, these wide-brimmed hats were used to protect those who wear them from the scorching heat of the sun, or the tortures of the harsh wind and rain?

The western movie hats we often see on the wide screen remain to be a regular and essential part not just of a cowboy’s or cowgirl’s daily wear, but also their daily routine. The cowboy hat’s wide brim is used to fan a fire, or to gently whip a horse, or even to wave to distant riders, and more importantly, to render a respectful gesture of grace and prestige to the person beneath its brim.

Today, western hats for men and western straw hats for women, which can be found in many western wear wholesale outlets, make a statement about the individual wearer’s strong character and continue to be regarded as the last connecting piece of apparel of the Old West or Antebellum South.

Cowgirl Hat

Western Cowboy Hats: More Than A Fashion Accessory
Men from the northern regions of Nevada, to the rough plains of Texas are known for their fascination over anything that symbolizes “western” or the Old West. Men and young boys from these places frequently purchase wholesale western attire as part of their regular wardrobe. The working cowboys of today’s generation consider the western hats for men as a statement of who they are, and an important piece of equipment just as their ropes, boots, and horses are.

Cowboys from Denver, for example use their western cowboy hats as protection from the cold weather, while the men from Texas cover their heads from the sun during the hot summer months. Depending on the weather conditions and terrain in the different territories of the Old West, the western hats’ brims were adjusted accordingly. Regardless of the cowboy hat style preferred, there are innumerable wholesale western stores located in different states, offering an array of western cowboy hats.

Choosing Between Felt or Straw Western Hats For Women
Cowgirl or no cowgirl, everybody needs good western accessories for women, especially considering the increasing cases of skin and melanoma cancer. Women need western hats to protect their face from the damaging effects of prolonged sun exposure. What makes western cowboy hats ideal is their wide brim which helps keep the face and neck protected from the sun.

For cowboys, the type of hat they wear doesn’t really matter like it does for women. They can wear western riding hats when they go to rodeo shows and they can make a fashion statement. They make a conscious effort to check the new trends from their local wholesale outlets. While functionality of the good ol’ western hats for women remains top priority, there’s no denying the importance of the fashion factor when wearing western hats for women.

Felt or western straw hats? Women might prefer western straw hats because they make a good fashion statement. Usually made in light colors, these western hats for women made from straw can be easily matched with any outfit. Made from quality palm leaf, straw hats are usually worn by women in the summer months for obvious reasons.

But for special occasions or events you may want a more formal western attire.  Felt cowboy hats give a flair of elegance to a western woman’s fashion styling. Women seek the latest western hat trends from wholesale western distributors nationwide.

cowgirl hat

What 19th Century Cowboys Wanted From Their Western Hats
Cowboys from the 19th century looked for two specific things when they shopped for western riding hats – wide brim or flat brim.  The 19th century traditional working cowboys preferred the wider and flatter brim, primarily for better weather protection. Back then, the first western hats for men introduced into the market were made from 100% beaver fur-felt in undyed and natural color.

The superior quality of hat making implemented in the 19th century has produced western hats for men that lasted a lifetime. Cowboys had western riding hats that faded and became streaked from all-weather wear over the years but remained usable and functional. Take it from the cowboys of Old West, traditional beaver fur-felt cowboy hats are unbeatable.

Today’s modern cowboys have an array of styles and materials to choose from for their cowboy hats.  Many wholesale western companies carry multiple cowboy hat styles other than the traditional beaver fur-felt hats.

Finding Different Types Of Cowboy Hats
The rugged spirit of the Old West has been successfully translated to every piece of clothing and accessory associated with American western style. But the most symbolic and popular representation of the Old West is the cowboy hat. The broad-brimmed cowboy hats worn in the 19th century have undergone many changes in response to the changing times, weather, fashion trends, etc.

Today’s market has an array of cowboy hats made from felt, straw, taffeta, leather, silk, wool felt, faux felt and velvet. They are also available in different styles ranging from cattleman, cutter, Dakota, Pinch front, ridge top, gambler, derby, and many more.  Cowboys and cowgirls from the different states find their desired cowboy hats from reputable western hats wholesale distributors with an online presence and representation.