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A mention of western clothing and what immediately comes to mind is western shirts. These include western shirts for men and women. Born in the early 19th century when American settlers were steadily moving into the western territories, western clothing became the rugged work wear they needed to have in their daily routine.

Rooted in this history are the western clothing offered in wholesale by Western Express, Inc. We carry an incredible array of traditional western and vintage shirts for people from all walks of life – for men, women, children, and in different shapes and sizes.

Our comprehensive catalog of western clothes exude the same ruggedness of the Old West but at the same time carry the trendy fashion sense of modern times.


We offer comfortable and casual western shirts for men and women, for western or rodeo shows, for the rugged ranch, and for every day wear. Our western shirts for retailers can be plaid, plain, with cuffs, with embellishments, with leaf embroidery, or displaying the US and Rebel flags. There’s a western-designed shirt for every event, purpose or use.

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We serve a growing clientele of retailers for western clothing and accessories – from cowboy hats, western jewelry, cowboy boots, western shirts  to licensed logo items such as John Deere, Jack Daniels, and a lot more. We have built a loyal following for more than 30 years and still enjoy the support of our original customers.

We take pride in having established a reputation that has been trusted to supply superior quality products for the western market. Western clothing retailers visit our stores to check on the latest products we have, including unique and specific western shirts for retailers. This makes us the leading western shirts wholesale distributor in the country.

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Our loyal customers deserve nothing but the best from our product catalog and we work hard to achieve that. We have more than 30 years of wholesale experience which contributed to understanding the difference between what’s needed and what’s wanted.


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What Makes Western Style Shirts Different From Other Shirts
Some may think that western shirts for women and men are just like any other shirt. Western shirts for men and women are uniquely and distinctly distinguished from other counterparts by the many styles and designs that are not found on other shirts.

Traditional western wear distributed by western shirts wholesale companies generally reflects the Old West, and these shirts have various elements that make them truly western.

Western Yoke:  The back yoke is the most common element of western traditional shirts. It is where the back and front shirt panels come with the shoulder panel. Ordinary yokes are stitched straight while a western yoke is more ornamental and distinctly curved.

Snaps:  This is another traditional and ever-present element in a western shirt. These are the snap closures at the cuffs and at the front placket, or at the collars. These snaps range from the traditional pearl design to rhinestone, diamond and star-studded snaps. It’s common to find western shirts for men with snaps from many western shirts wholesale and retail outlets.

Western Shirt

Embroidery:  Other plaid shirts don’t have threaded decoration stitched or embroidery that western shirts have. Embroidery is usually down the front, back, on the sleeves, at the cuffs, and at the yokes. These western shirts for retailers are the popular choice of many cowgirls throughout the country.

Embellishments:  Rhinestones, appliqués and fringe are usually found on these western-style shirts. Rhinestones are used as border designs, decorations and snap enclosures while fringe is found on the front and back yokes and sometimes on the cuffs. Like the embroidered shirts, these are the in-demand western shirts for retailers.

The Traditional Marks Defining Western –Style Shirts For Men
Shirts worn by many men from Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Wyoming are distinguished by western fashion elements such as snaps, yoke, embroidery and other accents.

Western shirts with snaps are fitted and slimmer, preferred by men who have the physique to brag about. Western ranchers and riders prefer western shirts for men with a longer tail, buttons, straight back yoke and larger fit to allow more freedom in movement while riding their horses and working in the ranch.

The more fashion-conscious men give preference to fully-embroidered or embellished western shirts for men. Classic or traditional western shirts wholesale outlets usually offer sales to sport the cowboy look.

Popular western accessories for shirts include metal or pearl snaps, and fringe designed to accent the yokes and sleeves of the shirts. Fringe is usually made from either strings or faux leather. These accessorized western shirts for retailers are popular not just with women but also with men.

Country Wear

Not Just Men, Cowgirls Fancy Western-Style Shirts
Part of American culture and history is embedded in western clothing such as the cowboy hats and boots, classic or retro western shirts among others. These were worn by Americans from the Old West.

While these fashionable Old West plaid or printed shirts were designed and used by men for many different things in the past, many women find this rustic wear a comfortable way to move around on the ranch, in rodeo shows, or just about anywhere.

Western shirts for women have the same features and elements as the western shirts for men – long sleeves, snap pockets, buttons down the front, and rhinestone embellishments. The beautiful embroidery of intricate floral designs on the western shirts for women distinguish them from ordinary shirts. The piping that runs along the yokes and other elements provide character and contrast.

Cowgirl customers can easily find reputable western shirts wholesale companies in their areas selling a variety of western shirts for retailers.  Women felt comfortable wearing these western traditional shirts as they maneuver through the rough terrain and dusty streets of the West while at the same time keeping the elegance of an era in modern day style. Women are offered more ways to show off their western country style through the iconic yet fashionable western shirts for women.

Cowboy Clothing

The American Cowboy Style
The fame enjoyed by western movies has paved the way for American cowboy fashion to flourish in the American culture. You just don’t see shirts designed in western style worn by actors and actresses in Hollywood films about the West, but also worn by ordinary men and women who fancy cowboy and cowgirl culture. Known as a distinct evidence of the Old West culture, a western shirt comes in different styles, accessories and fabrics.

Anyone who is drawn to the western heritage of America can get a taste of the Old West when they wear western attire. Satisfying this specific market demand, western shirts wholesale distributors and retail outlets keep a steady supply of clothing that carries the western look.

Men and women are able to find a variety of western attire that they can easily pair with denim jeans and cowboy boots and hats to complete their western gear from the numerous western shirts wholesale distributors.

Different Types Of Traditional Old West Shirts for Men And Women
Men, women and children who come from states known for the Old West history and culture are more familiar with western clothing than other modern apparel, having been exposed to a culture that preserved the Old West style in fashion. Western shirts for women, men and kids can be styled in many ways, but regardless of their style, they still depict the inherent roots of western culture and history deeply embedded in the western clothing designs.

Denim Shirts:  Designers integrated western design and took advantage of the durability of denim. Modern designs of western shirts for women and men made from denim fabric include two chest pockets, shiny snap buttons and detailed yokes. This rugged material which softens as it ages similarly carries an important western character – a true-blue cowboy aura.

Plaid Shirts:  These are the most common and popular retro western shirts for women, men and kids. A plaid western shirt is made from a crisp cotton material or a soft flannel material. They also have chest pockets with detailed yokes and have long sleeves, which cowboys and cowgirls roll up to the elbow. Western style is emphasized by a row of pearl button snaps that run along the shirt’s front.

Embroidered Shirts: Floral designs stitched or embroidered into the collar, on the chest of the shirt, into the yoke, make them stand out from the rest of the western shirts for women. The details in the stitching or embroidery are the runaway winners for this type of western shirt.