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Unlike men, women have to think about a lot of things when they  go out of the house, from the dress or outfit they wear, to the accessories they choose to match the outfit. We, at Western Express, Inc., recognize the needs of everyone who have such fondness for western apparel and accessories for adults and children.

We carry an array of simple, studded, or suede wholesale western purses. We reward our clients’ loyalty with high quality country western products – cowboy hats, cowboy boots, western belts and buckles, western leather purses and handbags, western jewelry, bolo ties, western and Rebel flag shirts, John Deere logo items and a lot more. We value perfection, creativity, and uniqueness, and that’s what rightly puts us in the leading position as a wholesale distributor of western products in the country. Western Purse

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We take pride in having a loyal following who are satisfied with the quality products we have supplied them with for over 30 years. Through our long-time, out-of-state partner retailers, our product line has reached many places throughout the country.

Our uniquely designed and trendy western purses, handbags and wallets have been repeatedly paired off with all kinds of western clothing and accessories for various occasions. Our western leather purses go perfectly with our cowgirl hats and boots. Our experienced craftsmen and professional creative designers work hand-in-hand to produce unique designs and styles for our western product lines.

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At Western Express, Inc., we make sure that our customers and clientele are satisfied. Quality assurance is our priority and we have successfully maintained a reputation for supplying nothing but high quality, unique western goods including western clothing, shirts and accessories, leather western purses, hats, boots, belts and buckles.

Our partner retailers are happy with our remarkably affordable prices making our wholesale western purses, handbags and wallets used by women and young girls from all walks of life. Western Express offers our customers original, superior quality, and fashionable country western products. Western Wear

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With our online accessibility, you can reach us anytime, anywhere. Through our website, you can browse through your inquiries, request information, or ask for pertinent information related to the different western products we supply.

Whether it’s western shirts, different types of cowboy hats, belts or buckles, our unique and trendy wholesale western purses, handbags and wallets, jewelry, holsters and gun belts, etc. you can find them all on our website. Alternatively, you can call our toll-free 800 number or send an email through our website’s Contact Us page.  An online registration form is also accessible for future account maintenance when purchases are made.

What You Don’t Know About Western Purses
What women don’t know about the importance of having western style purses is that they are an accessory to put all the small stuff you have in the course of the day, whether you’re at work, at home, in the grocery store, at the park, or having lunch with friends. Western style purses are not wallets but they can be your useful handy handbag.

Aside from the functional purpose they serve, leather western purses, or suede purses is a woman’s expression of who they are.  Cowhide has always been associated with something western and country. Western style purses can be carved or tooled with western patterns and designs.

Some designers integrate western shapes like armadillo or cactus in the design and style of special wholesale western purses. These western style purses are different from conventional purses because they come with plenty of organizational pockets. Their hand tooling embellishments are nothing like the ordinary.

There are western purses with bling for the trendsetters and fashion-conscious cowgirls. Depending on the outfit you want to match, leather western purses or purses made from suede have designs that can appropriately compliment it. In terms of style, trendy women may opt to have leather western purses with studs and rhinestones as accents. Like most western style products, they are made durable and are long lasting.

Western Bag

Proper Care Tips For Western Style Purses: Basic Things To Avoid
Owning something as unique, beautiful and durable as western leather purses require proper care in cleaning and storing them when not in use. High quality leather western purses are designed to last for decades or more if properly cared for – from every day cleaning and conditioning to proper storage in ideal conditions.

By taking care of your western style purses made from top rawhide quality, the beauty of your western style purses is preserved and the life of your investment is prolonged. Regular use of your western style purses makes them exposed and subjected to a variety of elements – natural or otherwise. Exposure to sun for prolonged periods can cause damage to the skin of your leather western purses while moisture is a surefire way to quickly damage it.

Moisture can cause the western leather purses to swell and distort its shape. Hence, you should avoid using your leather western purses on rainy or snowy days. When they accidentally get splashed by water, you should blot them dry using towels. Don’t make the mistake of using a hair or clothes dryer to dry your western leather purses.

Naturally air-dry them to avoid permanent damage. When you’re not using your western leather purses, avoid storing them in plastic bins or bags as these materials can trap moisture which can be damaging to the rawhide material. You should wrap the wholesale western purses in protective paper and properly store them in a box with holes or on an exposed or open shelf to allow your purses to breathe.

Finding Good Bargains on Western Purses Clearance Sale
Women consider their western handbags or cowhide purses as an essential component of their fashion style, other than for the functional purpose they fulfill. Wherever women go, and they don’t have to be cowgirls, they constantly look for western purses on clearance to find some good bargains. Some stores of wholesale western purses go on clearance when they change styles and designs.

Most of the western purses clearance sales promotions dispose of cowhide purses first to reduce their maintenance burden. Hence, it’s common to see good quality and beautifully designed leather western purses go fast during clearance sales in many wholesale western purses outlets. When you see a western-style jacket, or a hat or handbag, purse or wallet made of rawhide, it’s easy to associate them with the Old West style.

When you talk about a western theme, cowhide always comes to mind. For any western style purse, it is the preferred choice over other materials such as animal skins (snake and armadillo), or animal hides with fur (for cowhide purses or western handbags). While these materials have proven to last a long time, they require proper care and cleaning maintenance which could be costly for wholesale western purses outlets.

Colors And Accessories Of Leather Western Purses
Go to rodeo shows and you’ll see women with western wear purses that match their outfit. Different women carry different types and colors of western purses. Some purses have silver accents while others have ornate, dangling fringe. Western style purses that feature fringe vary from having a predominant top-to-bottom fringe to single-stripped fringe or fringed zipper tassel. Some are accessorized with rhinestones, silver conchos, metal studs, grommets, and even animal tails (raccoons).

All of these accessories are commonly associated with western style and are popular not just among women from the Old West but from other places as well. Attractive and attention-grabbing western wear purses come in brilliant colors of the southwest and western deserts – golden brown, fiery reds, wine or champagne color and bright turquoise. It’s easy to spot them in a crowd. saddlebag

How To Preserve Your Leather Western Purses
You should definitely take care of your precious purses to preserve their beauty and extend their lifespan. Unlike other materials used in making purses, rawhide requires meticulous care done religiously and properly. To do that, you should understand the properties and behavior of the material so you can prevent causing damage to your western leather purses. Rawhide material absorbs oil and other substances that come in contact with it.

Hence, you should make sure not to touch your purse with wet hands. Even oil from your skin can cause the rawhide material to darken and leave stained spots. Oil also attracts dirt that can leave your purse looking dingy. This material is known to be prone to staining so it’s best that potentially damaging items are packed separately in your western style purse.

Use a cosmetic pouch to put your essential makeup or a pencil case for pens that could leak. In addition, you should not put hair products such as gel or hairspray in your western leather purses. They can overstuff the purse causing it to lose its shape and hair products can cause irreparable damage to your rawhide purse.