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We specialize in genuine American-style western products and have been a specialist store supplying the needs of all country western clients as a distributor of men’s and women’s western clothing and accessories for more than 30 years. We carry an array of men’s and women’s western clothing supplies including belts.

Designed in western American styles, our selection of men’s western belts range from brown or black belts, western belts for women in plain or woven style, to western bling belts adorned with silver studs and conchos.

Handcrafted and designed to compliment any western clothing or outfit, our belts have matching rhinestone accessories and belt buckles. Customers have the option to choose from simple, neutral designs to elaborate and ornate ones, and also from our licensed products including John Deere, Jack Daniels, NASCAR, NFL, Major League Baseball, Ford and Budweiser. Country Belt

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As a customer service-oriented wholesale distributor of unique and genuine western clothing and accessories for all western wear  retail clients nationwide, we have earned the respect and loyalty of our many satisfied customers. Western clothing aficionados from out-of-state who fancy men’s western belts and uniquely-designed western belts for women seek our store for vintage, traditional and trendy western designs.

Retailers who need supplies for a western show, rodeo or simply for a client’s personal wardrobe check our extensive and evolving product line. We strive to come up with belt designs that distinctly separate us from other American western stores. Our product line caters to all customers – men, women, adult and kids, providing them with everything that will give them the cowboy or cowgirl look.

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Western Express, Inc. is the leading Pennsylvania-based specialist store that offers an extensive country western product line. We have built a respected name in the industry for more than 30 years, supplying the needs of a special market sector from western clothing for men and women, men’s and women’s western accessories and other country western-related products.

We have proven our commitment to our loyal customers, as we always strive to develop new designs and innovate traditional or vintage western belts and belt buckles.  We have a long-term relationship with fine craftsmen who produce only quality products.

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Customers who are looking for traditional, vintage and trendy western products including wholesale western belts visit our store to choose the specific western design that suits their taste and requirements. Alternatively, you can check our website’s comprehensive online product catalog to search for the men’s western belt you desire.

You can also call our toll-free 800 number or send a fax for inquiries. Through our contact us page, you can send an email for an RFQ. We have well-trained customer service personnel ready to assist you with any information you might need regarding our genuine western wholesale products.

Why Rhinestone-studded Western Belts Appeal to Cowgirls
Western-designed and handmade leather belts are crafted out of the finest leather available.  Like other fashion accessories, western-styled belts are also evolving in terms of materials. Other than leather, some western belts for women are made from alligator, snake, or crocodile skins. Western leather belts are also designed with silver metal studs or conchos (for men) and rhinestones (for women).

They can be carved with western animal patterns like eagles or horses. Western belts for women also come with unique and decorative designs of belt buckles showcasing various themes, including men-themed NASCAR racing, major league baseball, NCAA, NBA, and NFL.

Cowboys show preference for leather belts with stamped, printed or embossed designs while cowgirls fancy wholesale western belts with stones and bling. Ladies, cowgirls specifically, fancy authentic studded belts for women to compliment their cowgirl outfit. Women’s natural fondness for shining, shimmering splendor has made rhinestone-studded belts for women popular and attractive to cowgirls.

Western-styled belts with rhinestones are fashionable, eye-catching, and trendy. Women find it easy to pair rhinestone-studded western belts with casual jeans and cowgirl boots, and even use men’s western belts to add flair to a classy and elegant night outfit.

Western Belts

Western Belts With Bling For Women
How often do you see people take a second glance when they see women wearing western-designed belts with bling that stand out in a crowd? How about seeing western holsters and belts with bling accentuating a cowgirl’s western outfit? You see them worn by famous country female singers, rodeo stars, and celebrities who fancy western fashion.

Western belts for women embellished with silver studs and conchos on the side of the belt can easily accentuate a simple and plain cowgirl western outfit. The glistening metal draws the eyes from the outfit to the western belts for women. Matching belt buckles in ornate designs and authentic western styles can complete a cowgirl’s western-style outfit.

Men’s Western Belts Can Also Have Bling
One of the accessories that can easily describe country western style is men’s western belts. Usually made from high-quality leather in black or brown color, men’s western-styled belts can also be adorned with stones, and metal studs and buckles. Western belts for men were originally designed for riding and ranching activities. They have to be durable and able to stand the harshest conditions and situations.

Over the years, men’s western belts have evolved and become more stylish and fashionable rather than functional in order to adapt to the changing needs of western men of today. For some people, bling is associated with women. However, as a country western accessory used in belts, bling has taken on another dimension. Nowadays, you can see men’s western belts that are rhinestone-embellished.

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Finding Reputable Western Rhinestone Belts Wholesale
With the abundant list of suppliers or distributors of men’s and women’s western belts, customers may unfortunately end up with wholesale western belts companies carrying substandard quality products. Always look for western belts for women and leather men’s western belts which are made in the U.S.A. to assure high quality and fine craftsmanship.

Reputable wholesale western belt companies in some states are few and far between. Hence, it’s important that customers check the history and track record of the wholesale western belt companies offering cheap men’s western belts before making any transaction. USA-based reputable wholesale western belts companies can be found both online and offline.

Western Holsters and Belts with Bling
Cowboys are often seen wearing western holsters and belts usually as accessories to the outfit rather than to hold an actual gun. Made from sturdy and high-quality leather, wholesale western holsters and belts may be ordered individually or in combination. Western holsters come in different sizes to hold a gun of different caliber and type.

Ornately-designed western holsters can come with matching men’s western belts.   Hand-tooled western holsters and belts are crafted with fine and ornate details. So, whether you’re portraying a western cowboy in a rodeo or western-theme roadshow, make an effort to stylize your country western outfit with beautifully-designed western holsters and belts.