Want To Own Your Own Classic Old West Town?

Have an extra $400,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Why not spend it on your very own old west town replica complete with saloon, Spanish mission, chuck-house, inn, music hall, and all the little touches that will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time to the small settlements that were once found along the Chisholm Trail of Texas. Chisholm Town may not be a true relic, but it has its own little history built by lovers of the old west.

Buy the classic Western town of your cowboy dreams for less than half a million dollars | All Ablog Austin

 Old WestImage Source: All Ablog Austin

The ‘town’ was built in 1990 by country singer Billy Cate as a nod to all the actual towns that used to exist along the Chisholm Trail, a famous cattle trail that’s been immortalized in song by more than a few cowboys. Cate built the town along with fellow history buff Jack Carlton as a way to keep ‘the romance of the Chisholm trail alive,’ according to Belle Silva, the property’s current owner. […]  ‘It’s not as hard-core trail cowboy as it was’ when Cate owned the property, said Silva, who also said she has added feminine touches to convert the property into an inn that can sleep up to 16 21st-century people who aren’t necessarily ‘rough-riding.’

Even if you’re not especially interested in reliving life on an old cattle trail yourself, you could use the little town/inn as a place to entertain friends, host weddings, parties and themed events, as the past owners have.

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