Using Rodeo Roping Skills To Rescue A Bear Cub

Things may not have looked good to an orphaned bear cub who lost its mom in Minnesota, that was until one cowboy with serious lasso skills came along. Using his careful roping skills to get the little bear out of a tree, a local cowboy helped get the cub into the care of local conservation officers and hopefully on its way to successful rehabilitation.

Cowboy ropes orphaned bear cub to rescue it for rehab | Grand Forks Herald

Image Source: Wikimedia

Image Source: Wikimedia

A resident near Motley found a bear cub whose mother had been killed. Knowing that he was orphaned, the cowboy decided to get the cub out of a nearby tree so it could be removed by [conservation officer, Jeff] Halverson. He did it with his own lasso. ‘The mom was killed on the highway and the cub was up a tree,’ Halverson said. ‘Being the cowboy he was, he roped it and got it out of the tree.’”

No one was injured during the rescue. While officials don’t recommend this response to bear encounters, which can be common in Minnesota at this time of year, it was fortunate for the cub that a cowboy was nearby to help in this unique way.

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