The Perfect Footwear For Cowboys At The Beach?

Summer has arrived and that means things can get a little sweaty inside your favorite pair of cowboy boots. One footwear innovator has proposed a solution that answers the question: What would a cowboy wear to the beach?

Cowboy boot sandals: finally answering the question of what cowboys wear to the beach | Metro News


Image Source: Metro News

“The story goes: one summer afternoon Scotty Franklin was sitting on the beach, at the Gulf, when an idea struck him – to manufacture and market Boot Sandals. […]For just $50 (£32) plus shipping, Scotty will take your new or worn cowboy boots and turn them into the ultimate breathable, summer shoe.”

The cowboy boot sandals are a bit divisive when it comes to fashion tastes, but they are a way to refurbish boots that may be well past their prime. According to the manufacturer, the look is popular with women as a wedding accessory and a form of stylish summer footwear for summer rodeos, fairs, and trips to the beach or lake.

What do you think about cowboy boot sandals? Do you think it’s a great way to give new life to an old pair of boots just in time for summer or not quite your style? Tell us what you think in the comments.