Spotlight On Cowboy Fashion At The Common Ground Music Festival

If you’re a country music fan living in the mid-Michigan region, you’ve probably heard of or even been to the Common Ground Music Festival. For more than 15 years, Common Ground has been a great place to enjoy awesome country music, as well as rock, pop, alternative bands and others. While it offers everything you’d expect from a summer outdoor music event, it’s also a great way to check out some of the latest, and the most classic, cowboy fashions worn by the many performers and attendees.

Check out the cowboy boots and hats worn at Common Ground Music Festival | MLive

Image Source: MLive

Image Source: MLive

“A sea of flannel, cowboy and cowgirl boots and hats filled the Adado Riverfront Park Thursday evening for country music night at Common Ground. Studs, sparkles, and a douse of color showed off personality in the boots of the fans who came out to support their favorite country bands.”

Have you ever attended Common Ground? If so, what do you like to wear to the festival? If you’re headed to any of the many country music festivals this summer, tell us how you like to show your love of music, culture and cowboy fashion in the comments.