Should Cowboys Worry About Rodeo Calories?

If you’re riding a bull or a bronco, you’re getting some serious exercise in the process, but is remarkably easy to get those calories back at any number of snack stands, food trucks, and rodeo cuisine favorites that we all love.  While many of us make an effort to eat healthier in our everyday lives, who could blame a cowboy for not wanting to know how many calories are in that serving of rodeo BBQ pork ribs, funnel cake, or curly fries?

A deep-fried sweet treat stand at the  Houston Livestock and Rodeo in March 2014

Cowboy Cravings: Fried Cookie Dough And Other Rodeo Calorie Bombs | NPR

“Turns out, concoctions that seemingly aim to break caloric records are a central part of the rodeo food experience, too. At Rodeo Houston, one of the world’s largest such events that runs through March 22, the innovations for 2015 include strawberry waffle balls and deep-fried biscuits and gravy. Sure, a trip to the rodeo is about getting entertained; it may even be a vacation. For many, that involves indulging in food far more enticing than what’s for dinner at home. “

At the risk of spoiling the fun for the sake of health, would you want know just how unhealthy rodeo and fair food is, or do you prefer to save sensible eating when the country fun comes to and end?