How Did The Blue Jean Rise To Become A Style Staple?

Besides the hat and the boots, there’s no greater staple of cowboy fashion than a good pair of blue jeans. Perhaps no relic of the Wild West has had such appeal and longevity as this form of clothing. While there’s a good chance you wear denim on a regular basis, you may not know how it came to be such a standard article of clothing and why it still looks just right over your favorite pair of cowboy boots.  Lots of people know the name Levi Strauss, who stitched the first pair of jeans back in the 1870s, but how did this type of fashion go from a mining and ranching essential to part of everyday fashion

The Blue Jean: A Brief History | Paste Magazine

levis DudeRanchImage Source: Paste Magazine

“Strauss originally designed canvas pants as work gear for the miners panning for gold. From canvas, he moved to denim for its durability and came up with what essentially is Levi’s signature style, the 501 jeans.  By the early 20th century, cowboys and ranchers from Reno to Arizona were wearing dungarees, though the cowboy’s brand of choice was Wrangler. Denim was the fabric of nonconformity, and because it was cheap and easy to clean, blue jeans became especially popular with kids (and the mothers washing their clothing) from the 1930s to the 1950s.”

Later, James Dean, Marlon Brando, and Marilyn Monroe helped make jeans a youthful and functional fashion element throughout the United States. They’ve never really gone out of style, and as long as people are looking for casual, comfortable appeal, they probably never will.

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