Does Country Music Help You Burn More Calories?

When you have the right playlist at the gym, that treadmill run or intense spin session can feel like more like a party than a chore. As country music has become increasingly mainstream, upbeat and blended with pop, it’s a great way to get moving. Country music is now an essential part of almost any workout playlist, especially if you love energetic and strong female vocalists.

Workout Songs from Country Music’s Hottest Women | Shape Magazine


Image Source: Shape Magazine

With the crossover success of singers like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, there’s been increasing amount of overlap between pop and country on the radio. One benefit of this trend? It’s easier than ever to find country music for working out, as there are more and more tracks blending heartland themes with big beats.”

Do you use pop-country music to get pumped and motivated for other activities like cleaning the house or starting your work day? Tell us which country music songs get you moving in the comments.