Country Music And Cowboy Culture Draw New Crowds In Brazil

What started in the American heartland didn’t stay there. Cowboy culture and fashion, and its ambassador country music have been embraced all across the globe. While it’s not hard to find a handful of fans just about anywhere, sometimes a place and a culture is especially receptive to the lyrics, looks, and values of all things country western. Brazil appears to be just the latest example where crowds of people, young and old, are embracing country music and cowboy style as a new cultural fad.

In Brazil, cowboy culture pushing into the Amazon jungle | Los Angeles Times


Image Source: LA Times

Image Source: LA Times

“Country music is relatively new here, but so is everything. This is the frontier, Brazilian style. The town was founded in 1991, and the majority of the land is still covered in Amazon rainforest, though some outlaws are doing their best to quickly reduce the supply. Brazilian ranch culture is pushing north into the jungle, celebrating the rugged rural lifestyle of the farmer and adventurer, a stark change from the indigenous culture and jungle that dominated in this region a generation or two ago.”

Did you know that country music and style can be found as far as the Amazon jungle? What are some of the most unexpected places you’ve seen the power of country western style?