Celebrating The Art And Culture Of Cowboy Life

While country music becomes sleeker, more stylish, and increasingly mainstream, it’s easy to forget the timeless folk art and culture that some modern day cowboys are still celebrating and building. We get a clear reminder of that every January at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, which is happening for the 31st time.

Participants at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering

Cowboy Culture, Alive and Well | The Wall Street Journal

“This event is a revelation—an immersion course in the culture of the rural West. The ethos here is not one of old-timey nostalgia, however. It celebrates a living, pulsing artistic tradition. Through their chosen artistic mediums, the performers and artists at the Gathering document the stark beauty and challenges—as well as the frequent absurdities—of a lifestyle still integral to hundreds of small, rural communities across today’s Western states: raising livestock, working on horseback, depending on neighbors, and arranging schedules according to weather and the seasons.”

Have you ever attended the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering? Do you think its important for maintaining an often overlook aspect of American culture and history?