Bad News For Cowboy Police Officers of Sublette County, Wyoming

There are plenty of counties in the United States that have adopted the look of a classic American sheriff as part of their modern police uniforms. Unfortunately for western wear enthusiasts, Sublette County, Wyoming is no longer one of those places. Newly elected Wyoming Sheriff Stephen Haskell recently decided to ban deputies from wearing cowboy boots and hats while on duty. The reason for this decision is said to be based in the functionality and uniformity of an average cop uniform compared to cowboy boots and hats. Not all citizens are pleased with the new decision.


These Boots Weren’t Made For Walking: Wyo. Sheriff Bans Cowboy Boots And Hats |

“Here’s the deal: The West is under assault from everywhere, mainly the East, by people who come out here and want to convert it into a ‘world-class place. Well, we don’t want it to be a world-class place. We’re Westerners. We want it to be Western, and when you’re Western, you wear cowboy boots and you wear cowboy hats, and that’s just part of the deal.”

Bob Boze Bell – Editor of True West Magazine

Do you think police officers should be allowed to wear cowboy gear as part of their uniforms or are they a potential compromise to an officer’s job performance and public safety?