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We take pride in sharing the same passion for western wear as every man and woman from Texas, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, or the ranch owners and workers in Pennsylvania.  We provide a complete line of western wear for men and women, from western shirts and accessories, to western belts, purses, western hats, boots and boot accessories, Rebel flag shirts, and western jewelry. We offer country products that are made of high quality materials and unique designs and styles.

We recognize the demand for functional western apparel for the riders and ranchers, and for fashionable and trendy western accessories for cowboys and cowgirls. We sell licensed products in Jack Daniels, Ford, Chevrolet, and International Harvester for various western products. Our retail partners, both in-state and out-of-state, are aware of our value for quality and fine craftsmanship. For more than 30 years, we have earned the loyalty of our long-time retail partners, making us a leading name in the industry.

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Cowboys and cowgirls seeking western shirts, cowboy hats and boots, western shirts, bolo ties, top quality leather holsters, western purses, leather western handbags and wallets are loyal customers to our partner retailers closest to them. We pride ourselves with a comprehensive product catalog that our customers make a habit of checking often.

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When it comes to western apparel and accessories, Western Express, Inc. has been successful for more than 30 years. We have established great partnerships with some of the finest craftsmen in the state.  We have gained the trust of our reliable retailers who deliver our western products throughout the country.  We maintain a comprehensive product catalog and full inventory of the best-selling products such as western wear, western shirts, western belts, western hats and boots, leather wallets, purses and handbags, western belts with matching buckles, and many more.

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You can easily get in touch with us through mail, email, our 800 toll-free number, or via our website. For any requests or information on our western wear products, go to our contact us page or fill out the online form. Our home page will bring you to the different western products we offer. Our expert Customer Service personnel can assist you with everything you need, or any information you require.

Western Clothing

Country And Western Wear Information
Considered as probably the most distinctive clothing style in the country today, western wear never fails to stir the interest of many men and women who respect the heritage left by the Old West – that part of the country where the early settlers moved to own land.  The harsh environment and climate, of the Old West demanded the need for men’s and women’s clothing and accessories that would stand the natural elements and conditions. The western wear developed was designed to provide protection from the natural elements and to keep them comfortable while working the fields. Over the years western wear evolved into what many cowboys and cowgirls now consider functional, fashionable, stylish and trendy country wear.

Western wear generally refers to western hats, western shirts, western belts, western purses, bolo ties, a western jacket or coat, and neckwear. All of these western products are designed to perform the functions they were intended for and at the same time define their links to the Old West. Other important elements of western wear are chaps, cuffs, bolo ties and other neckwear items.

Do you know what chaps are? They are another distinctive item in western wear, tracing back its origins from the Spanish who wanted to protect their legs from cactus and brush. Chaps came from the Spanish word “chaparehos” which means leg of iron. They are originally made to be attached to the saddle and tied around the leg. The chaps of today are now attached to the  waist and around the back of the thigh.

How about spurs? These are used by horse riders when they train their horses or fought their enemies during the medieval times, making them an essential component of western wear. High-ranking warriors used spurs to urge their horses forward in battle and attack foot soldiers. Spurs in American history have become a status symbol for cowboys and horse trainers who always carry them wherever they go.


The Evolution Of Western Shirts
Men and women today have developed a certain fondness for western wear. One of the best ways to represent country wear is by wearing western shirts. This is a traditional component of western wear that is usually characterized by yokes on the shirt’s front and back. Western style shirts are usually made from denim, tartan fabric, polyester or cotton material, with long sleeves, snap chest pockets, or are elaborately decorated with embroidered or stitched roses.

Today, western wear inspired rugged and plaid shirts are worn at rodeos to easily identify true cowboys. In the 1970s, these western shirts were associated with what Buffalo Bill wore in the movie combined with a buckskin fringe jacket, which later on became popular among fashion-conscious teenagers. Exposure of the western shirts via popular movies have certainly contributed to its popularity.

How To Attach Buckles To Western Belts
One of the most easily identifiable features of western wear is the western belt. Like western hats, they are great accessories associated with western wear and culture. Western belts can instantly dress up a pair of jeans matched with a western shirt or any other informal western style dress or outfit. Men and women who fancy western wear surely have a collection of different types of western belts with matching western buckles to go with them. Traditional western belts made from leather are highly functional and long-lasting and are the preferred choice by many cowboys and cowgirls.

Western belts and buckles can be mixed and matched provided that the buckles fit in proportion to the wearer and that the belts have snaps on them to allow adding or removing belt buckles. To attach a belt buckle, undo the snaps of the belt as you lie it face down on the table. You can then remove the old buckle in order to replace it with a new one.

With the buckle facing down next to the end of the belt where the snaps are, turn the buckle so that the metal loop side is facing the end of the belt. Slowly slide the belt’s end through the metal loop on the belt buckle. Finally close the snaps on the belt securely. Your western belt is ready to accessorize your western wear.


Must-Have Cowgirl Accessory
No cowgirl’s western wear will ever be complete without the attractive and matching western purses. These leather purses often have silver accents, rhinestones and metal studs and dangling leather fringe that match the color or style of the cowgirl’s western wear. Some western purses have fringe that goes from top to bottom while other purses feature a single-strip fringe or a fringed zipper tassel.

While top quality leather is the preferred material choice for making stylish yet classic western purses, the more trendy designs are made from colorful fabrics in brilliant colors of the deserts of the Southwest and the Old West. Some designers incorporate the shape of western-associated animals such as horses and armadillos into the purse’s design.

You’ll often see women in rodeo shows in full western wear fashion from head to foot – from their western hats, plaid shirts, prairie skirts or denim jeans, western belts and buckles, western purses and cowgirl boots. Some would even wear matching ponchos for added style. Many women’s western wear are matched with western purses that can easily accessorize their western-themed apparel.

Western Hats: Best Protection From Harsh Elements
For both men and women, western hats are considered the most popular and identifiable accessory of country and western fashion. In the early days the cowboy hat was called a “bowler hat”, or “sombrero”. In 1865, John B. Stetson had developed the design for a prototype cowboy hat with a wide brim to provide protection for his face against the sun. Stetson sold his first cowboy hat for five dollars. In the years that followed, western hats made by Stetson became the famous and preferred style.